Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Little late...but here they are!! More Letters

Sorry everyone, it is that time of year for finals, so naturally I got a little behind. Here is last weeks and this weeks letter! Enjoy!

December 8th

Wednesday we went to the offices because my companion had to renew his visa. I got to hang out with some other elders while he did it. Once of them was Elder Valverde and he was Elder Call's padre (or trainer). It was pretty cool to talk to him. 
Thursday I got the opportunity to give a blessing in Spanish. It was pretty cool how much I was able to say. It's weird in lessons and stuff like that. I'm starting to be able to say stuff that I have no idea how to say after, it is kind of crazy the way you can express yourself with the spirit helping you. Saturday we had a lot of appointments that fell through because of the festivals of Quito. They are kind of like American Fork Steel days. They had a parade and a carnival thing. We met a really cool family though, the Borrero family. They are from the coast. We had a really powerful lesson with them. We also found a single mom, Nancy Caldron, who was really receptive to our message. Sunday we got to watch the Christmas Devotional and Lidia is all set for her baptism this next Saturday, now that she has had her interview. I will get to have my first baptism!!
Today we went to the offices and saw my companions last companion before me. He goes home on Wednesday. We took him somewhere nice for his going away party. I never thought a Big Mac could taste so good!!

December 15

This week was pretty busy. Tuesday we had the third companion from the zone leaders with us because the zone leaders were at a leadership meeting all day. It's amazing how easy it is to teach with three missionaries.

We taught a family, and something kinda stunned me and my companion. We always extend the invitation to read a little bit of the Book of Mormon, and then pray to know if it is true. When we asked him if he would like to read part of it, he responded "No, I intend to read all of it", that got me and my companion pretty excited!!
We had exchanges, so I was able to go on splits with both of our zone leaders, Elder Garcia and Elder Anderton, it was awesome! I really like teaching with them. We taught the Ortiz Family, the mom and her son were baptized Saturday, and the dad is next week. They are awesome. They got married this week so that she could get baptized. They also invited me, my companion and the zone leaders to lunch on this last Saturday before the baptism. 
We had the baptism and that's all we really had time for because the lunch took like 3 hours, because we were talking so much and they gave us a ton of food. At the baptism we baptized 3 people, Lucia Ortiz and her son, and then Lidia (our investigator). It was pretty funny at the baptism. First I slipped into the font, and it made a big splash and a loud noise. Then my companion said, "through baptism we are clean from our fish" when he was speaking at the end.. (in Spanish sin is pecado, and fish is pescado). But it was awesome, they all got confirmed the following day. 
Today we went to the Teleferiqo, this big gondola that takes you to the top of this volcano. It was way awesome. We couldn't go to the volcano because it's like a 3-4 hour hike from where you get off the gondola. But it was way cool and there were also a ton of Americans up there, so it was kinda weird to hear English again. 


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