Monday, December 29, 2014

Feliz Navidad

We were able to talk to Austin on Christmas day. He is doing really good. Here is his Christmas letter...

Hey, so I don't have much time to type everything that happened this week, but here are some of them:
The first Friday we had the ward Christmas party and it was super late into the night. We did the skit and ran out the door. A lot of people laughed. The skit was about saving angels, like Abraham being told to kill his son and then being stopped or the angel saving Sam and Nephi from their brothers. They also gave us turkey, that was a plus. (You have to special order turkey).
Saturday we went caroling with the youth to all the less actives, and to the recent converts. We gave them cinnamon bread too, it is called pan de vida (bread of life) and I guess they do this every year. It was great, and after they bought us pizza. It was actually really good. This activity worked too, almost every person we visited was at church Sunday.
Yesterday we had lunch with our President, and our zone. It was a really good dinner, we had gravy and a really good pie. It sorta felt like an American meal.

Anyways, those were the highlights of my week. Love you all!!
Sorry, no pictures this week. This computer is sketchy and I don't want to lose my pictures.

Here are a couple pictures from our Skype call on Christmas Day. 

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