Sunday, January 11, 2015

Short and Sweet

We went to the mall and ice skating today. We got back a little late. I also ate turkey on Christmas eve! I hope you all had a good Christmas! 

They got to eat their turkey.
Christmas gift Exchange. His zone leader got inflatable hammers and was super excited. 
Ice Skating!

Hellllooooo everyone!
So the holidays are over and I am almost done being a greenie. This last week was pretty cool. They were selling these dolls and wigs everywhere. Because New Years is like Halloween mixed with the Fourth of July they light the dolls on fire at midnight. Also, the men dress up like women and dance in front of cars for is kind of weird haha. Everyone was in the street during the day, and all the little kids were dressed up in costumes. It was pretty cool. At night somehow everyone had giant speakers that they played both Latin and American music very loud on. It was cool. 

Now for the important stuff. This week we focused a lot on finding members to befriend out investigators and recent converts. We taught our recent convert Lydia with her daughter and son. We had a little family home evening thing with the Vaca family, and sister Araujo. It went really well. My companion and I had to leave early. They all stayed and kept talking to each other. Lydia's daughter was at church on Sunday, along with one of her other daughters so this all paid off. 

We also contacted in a part member family awhile back. We did not thing to contact again until this last week, The Vizcaino family. The dad, Carlos, let us have a meeting with his family because he really wants his wife to join the church. We kind of dropped the ball on not trying to teach them for two weeks. Anyways, we taught them the restoration lesson and why the Book of Mormon is important. We taught them again on Sunday with Carlos's sister, who is a member. We taught the plan of salvation and sister Vizcaino was really interested in eternal families. She believes its possible, and she feels he spirit when she reads the Book of Mormon, but the Catholic roots are just to deep right now. We also found out that they are not married, so that is another challenge we will have to face. 

That is pretty much everything. Love you all. 

View from their house

The dolls lit on fire

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