Thursday, January 22, 2015

Free Food! and Spiritual Stuff.

Tuesday we went to this little store to get a Popsicle because it was way hot, and the owner of the store's sister started talking to us. She was saying how she knows the missionaries. We said "cool, are you a member?" and she said no. But she was baptized last year. My companion and I did not really understand what that meant, so we kinda just laughed. She then said, "Oh this is my sisters store, go ahead and pick whatever you want". We said no thank you. She then filled a bag with 8 loafs of bread (as in huge dinner rolls). Then she gave us drinks and when we were about to leave she said, oh wait, have two cartons of milk. We were pretty stoked after was a ton of free food. 
Then that night we taught sister Grace. She is Lidias daughter. She said she took a lesson from the Jehovah Witnesses the day before. We were kinda scared until she said that she took the same commitment over again that we had given her the week before. The commitment was to pray about our message. She did the same thing with the Jehovah Witnesses message and said the answer she received for the Book of Mormon and our message was distinctly different. With the Book of Mormon, she felt a warm feeling of peace. With the other, she didn't feel any of that. It was a testimony builder for her, and for us. 
Later that week, at the end of a lesson with one of our investigators, her grandpa came out and started to yell at us. He was saying we weren't Christians, and that babies do have sins so they need to be baptized. It was almost laughable, and you could tell our investigator was so embarrassed. We just smiled at him and waited for him to go back in the house. Old Catholics are the best haha. 
One cool thing that happened with the Vizcaino family is that Saturday we had a lesson about marriage with them and then committed them to pray about it. Sister Garcia (brother Vizcaino's girlfriend) the next day told us she received an answer to her prayer. She said she had a dream and in the dream her and her boyfriend were dressed in white. She felt the Holy Ghost embrace her and then two dates appeared, the 20th and the 29th. She was super excited and it looks like she will baptize as soon as they get married and hopefully, if brother Vizcaino can, he will get to baptize her. Those were the highlights from my week. Love you all!
-Elder Keyes

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