Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lots and Lots of Meetings and Halfway Done with this Change

This week flew by because we had something almost every night at the church! Monday we went to see the bishops son get set apart to go on his mission, so that took up all night. 
Tuesday we had divisions, so I was in the zone leaders sector all day, and the best part of that was one of the members we taught gave us french toast! So that was amazing!

Wednesday we taught Lidia Mojomboy one of the recent converts. I guess she is moving to the jungle to work for her cousin. We will see how that goes. All of her daughters still live here so we will still be able to teach them. Some of her grandchildren were there when we taught her and my companion was playing with one of them before the prayer. When we bowed our heads to pray, the kid got mad and said "hey hey!" then shook my companions arm, then again said "hey hey!", and lifted up his head and opened his eye lid. This little kid is awesome. He can't say his own name yet, so he just calls himself papa. We also contacted into this really cool family in the street. The kid was about 9 that was with them, and he was very concerned that we meet with them on Saturday or Monday, because those are the days that he doesn't have karate. Then he ran off because he was late. 

Saturday we taught Dora again. We can't go over there without staying for two hours. She always gives us food and we talk about her trip to India. She studied in India for like 3 years to become a doctor of natural medicine. Oh and she also spoon fed us again. Ha Ha. 

But this week we had a meeting with the momitas (the members assigned to give us lunch) on Wednesday. A meeting with the ward mission leader the next day, the leader conference the next day (that I was splits for), and the normal leader meeting was on Saturday. We had hardly anytime to actually work this week. 

Anyways, love you all and ya...

My companion and Pepe!

This is a deacon who wanted to wear my tag!

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This change is going by super fast! Anyways, this week went well, one of Lidia's daughters has a date to be baptized, both her and her sister came to church Sunday. 

Monday we taught the Vizcaino Family, and they are doing great. They should be getting married here in a few weeks. Our ward mission leader showed us the pictures from this trip to Utah, and they had a ton of pictures of the Timpanogos Temple. It was one of their favorites. That was pretty cool. 

Wednesday we had service where we helped make a ton of concrete for these peoples houses, it was pretty fun to mix things up.

Thursday we had family night with the Vizcaino's, Trujillo's and the Gallardos, that was pretty fun! It was nice because the Vizcaino's have kids about the same age as the Trujillo's. At the end one of the Trujillo boys sprayed us with carnival foam...carnival is a holiday here where for like a week it is a massive food fight and they sell all these cans that spray a bunch of foam. This little knuckle head got us soaked with foam stuff, luckily it was our last appointment. We got to go home and change. 

Saturday we taught the Viscaino's again, about tithing and somehow no matter what we teach, they start to argue about getting married. She really wants to and he does too, but he is acting like he doesn't want to, to surprise her with a ring in a few weeks. He said to her "I don't want to get married because when we get divorced you are going to take my house and my car, and I don't want that to happen". He said that to her when she was in the other room feeding her son. Then he whispered to us "I found the ring, I am just waiting for them to size it." So we were pretty happy to find out from him that he actually wants to get married. 

And those were the highlights of my week. Love you all!
Elder Keyes, also, here is a picture with the Vizcaino's. 

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