Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some Good and Bad News

Here is the bad news...

Not really that bad, but this month and the next month we have more strict rules and also have to make sacrifices. It is called the Faith of February, to see the miracles of March. (It sounds better in Spanish). But anyways, I am supposed to choose something that would be a sacrifice for myself, but also help the work. I chose to only e-mail for one hour and then watch general conference talks for the second hour...sorry. So I'll be on at the regular time to e-mail!

Good news...

This week was pretty fun. We had gotten a lot of rain. One of our challenges lately has been reaching our goal for contacting people, so to help us out, our zone leaders gave us a challenge to contact anyone who had a hat on. Turns out, the only people that had hats on that day knew the bible and want us to come to "talk" about the bible with them, so we have a bunch of great follow up lessons ahead of us, haha.

Anyways, the Gallardo's went to a lesson with us at the Vizcaino's, and it was pretty hilarious. It was a lesson about the 10 Commandments, and when we got to talking about not worshiping idols and stuff like that. Brother Vizcaino says "I told you that was bad" talking to his wife. Well his wife was catholic before and here all the Catholics worship Baby Jesus, and the Virgin Mary, and they all have these cribs with the little Baby Jesus idols in them...
She had one of these, and we started to explain why it was bad and to encourage her to get rid of it. Brother Vizcaino cuts in and says "You tell her!! She is a sinner!" It was a great lesson over all. She is still on the right path to be baptized. We had another lesson with them later that week, and we got asked if we have a communion, like the catholic church. We were not sure what that meant exactly, so we asked sister Vizcaino and she said, "Well in my church-" and brother Vizcaino cut her off and says, "You see when she says my church, she is a pharisee!" (hypocrite). We all laughed and then she explained what a communion was, and we continued the lesson. Something interesting always happens when we go over there.

Now for something pretty cool. Saturday we were supposed to have a meeting with all the other leaders of the zone, because my companion is a district leader. Him and I were waiting forever at the church. Well it turns out that the zone leaders forgot to tell us that there wasn't a meeting anymore. We went all the way to church for nothing, or so we thought. As we were about to leave, someone walked into the church looking for someone. This guy walks in where we were and says he wants to change his life and asks if we will pray with him for his family, and for his new job. We shared a scripture with him, and we prayed with him. After he asks if we could start to teach him and what time the service is on Sunday. It was pretty crazy that the actual reason we were at the church was because someone was searching for a church that could change their life.

Love you all
Elder Keyes

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