Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Last Week Before Changes...

This change flew by, I will likely be leaving this sector next week.  But something cool happened this last week, the Vizcaino's got engaged.  Sadly I was on splits with the Zone Leaders when my companion found out but the Saturday before I gave them each a CTR ring that I got in one of my packages.  Then I guess sometime between then and Tuesday he proposed to her with them.  They don't have a date yet but I'm just glad they are still moving in the right direction.

We also ate dinner at a members house on Sunday who grew up in the States but is from Venezuela and then moved here with his family because Venezuela is a lawless country right now and not exactly a safe place to raise a family.  Anyways his wife made these super good empanada's and other Venezualean food.

That's pretty much all that happened this week and we haven't gotten eggs and water balloons thrown at us yet from the crazy holiday of carnival so pray that our luck holds up. 

Love you all
-Elder Keyes
Festival in Town

The Venezualoes

Got the Hammock setup

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