Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another Week on the Coast!

Ya, so I'm on the Coast, its super hot and humid.  This past week our baptism fell through so we will have to wait for a little bit to see what happens with Nelson.  Anyways we found a ton of people to teach this week including another Gringo.  His name is Jud and him and his wife and his friends have been living in different parts of Ecuador for like six years studying different types of native music.  He is way cool and is from Boston.  It was really weird talking to someone else besides another Missionary about things.  Me and my companion even practiced how to teach in English after that because its way hard for us to not use incorrect grammar or words when we are teaching the gospel in English.

My companions name is Elder Hess and this is his last change before he goes home. He is a great Missionary and awesome to be with.  He was the financial secretary for  like 9 months.

Sorry I can't send pictures because this computer is super ghetto.

Elder Keyes

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