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Oct 5th
This week went by super fast mainly because I was with all of the gringos all weekend. 

First Tuesday we were able to teach a family of members that just moved here from Uruguay. I could barely understand them they talk super fast pronounce things with a super weird accent. Luckily I had an Argentinean comp who’s accent is similar, but they are a way nice family and are going to help the ward out a lot.

We also found a new family where the mom has been less active for almost 5 years. the mom came to church randomly because her 6 year old son is in scouts which is at our church on Saturdays. She told us that every Sunday he is always bugging her that he wants to go to church, thankfully she finally gave in. Now she wants to come back to the church and relearn and regain the testimony she once had. Her husband is receptive as well and we are hoping to steer him towards baptism. 

This weekend was way fun being with a bunch of gringos chowing down watching conference in our own room. I will send pictures we had a pretty sweet set up, also none of us were even close on guessing the new apostles. I also saw the Gallardo family again!

Anyways that’s about all that happened this week!! 
Elder Keyes 

We did the sprite banana challenge for a district activity.... 
Gallardo Family

2/7 Full Working Days this Week
Oct 12th
This last week we weren’t able to work much but there were a ton of miracles this week. 

But this week my group renewed their visas so I got to see Elder Olsen (my comp from the mtc) and after we went to all you can eat Papa Johns, so I guess you could say that was the most happly full I’ve been in my mission!  
Also this Thursday there was a leaders meeting for all of the district and zone leaders from Quito, I was able to learn a ton 
Friday we had another leaders meeting just with our zone, then we had the conference with President. it was pretty cool I was able  to see Gabby its really weird seeing one of your friends after such a long time. but it was pretty crazy  to get caught up a little with what is going on with  everyone from High School now.
Saturday we had a pretty crazy day and we actually found a new family which is exactly what we needed right now in our sector. we were also able to stay with the zone leaders, so that was super fun. 
Sunday we had a really cool lesson with one of our less actives, he really opened up to us so now we can really start helping him get his life back on track. he loves the church and is really looking forward to prepare  to go to the temple.

Love Elder Keyes

Crazy Changes
Oct 19th

This last week was a pretty sad week my comp was sent home on Wednesday. I was in a trio with elder Juarez and Elder Erickson. 

I was able to go on a division with a member on Thursday. Henry, he is awesome he is preparing to go on a mission. he was able to come with all of that day. It was kind of funny a less actives mom gave us some bread and what looked like hot chocolate. I kind of sat it aside to eat it after the lesson,  Henry started to chug the "hot chocolate" right away. I looked at it smelted and asked the lady what the drink was she said oh I just like a little bit of coffee in with the milk. I looked at Henry whose eyes just got really big as he sat the mug down which was about 3/4 of the way empty. He was super frantic to explain to me after what happened, he said he drinks something at his house which is like Postum and he thought it was that.

 Friday Elder Juarez and I were able to have divisions with Elder Brown. He has about 3 weeks in the field so it was good for him to be with Elder Juarez for a day to help out with his Spanish a bit. This day we were able to have a super good lesson with a less active family. we taught about the sacrament and how Satan works. we focused on how to protect ourselves from Satan.

Today I will be receiving my new comp from the jungle, so he will be getting here in a few hours because its likes a 9 hour bus ride from the jungle. His name is elder Gevaria or something like that and he is from Peru.

Welp love you all Chow!! Elder Keyes 

Colada Morada and Wawas De Pan
Oct 26th
This week was pretty crazy my comp had to go to Otavalo to catch up on a training that he didn’t receive, so I was left with Elder Carr. Elder Juarez passed his final English test so we all got cake. We also had an activity with the ward.

Wednesday I was with my brother (elder Carr) which means we both had the same trainer. He finish in January, he's from Seattle. It was a pretty good day we both had changes Sunday so we both received comps that hadn’t received the training from President. So our companions had to go to Otavalo. They got back at about 9 o clock and left at 6:40 in the morning.
Thursday our mamita fell through so my comp made us a really good Peruvian dish that’s called lomo saltato its basically like a stir fry but with Peruvian spices it was good.
Friday Elder Juarez called us and shared his super good chocolate cake that sister Richardson made him for taking his English test. All Latinos are encouraged to learn English while they are here and there are a bunch of levels you can pass and stuff like that and he finished.
Saturday there was an activity in the church and they did a challenge where you had to eat a banana an apple a mento and then chug a glass of coke.... and of course the first people they chose to compete were the missionary’s..... luckily i didn’t throw it up everywhere. They also made colada morada which is like a blackberry drink with like cinnamon and stuff its good also they had wawa's de pan that are like little bread figures with jelly on the inside. they always do that combo every October.

Today we rode bikes with the bishops from Elder Juarez's ward we rode to an old airport they turned into a giant park.

Chao Elder Keyes,


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