Sunday, October 4, 2015


A Volcano blew up for my 1 year mark!

September 7th

it didn’t really but it’s getting pretty, it’s been spewing out a ton of ash every day.  I also hit my year mark so that’s super cool!! 

We sadly weren’t able to baptize Jasmin this week because her parents changed their minds but she is so strong in the church she will be fine until she is 18.

Wow we got to know one of our recent converts really well the other day when we taught about family history he said he couldn’t fill out the “My family” pamphlet because everyone is still alive!! (it goes back to your great grandparents) he said all of his great great grandparents are still alive! the oldest is 125 years old and his grandkids fill 5 towns in the country he has around 1000 grandkids. It’s pretty crazy hearing about the native customs and culture, they have this plant which is like poison ivy and if a kid miss behaves or if anyone breaks the law they wip you with it while your naked then dump ice cold water over your head haha so pretty crazy!!!

I was also able to have chicharon this week which is pig neck fat that they deep fry until its a little grease cube... it wasn’t pleasant. +

and today we had a bbq with our district!

Love Elder Keyes 

Stake Conference

September 14th

This week we had stake conference and we were able to hear our president and his wife speak. also half our district hit a year so we had a party as a district. 

The stake conference was cool we went to two sessions one Saturday night and then another Sunday. The one Saturday got over late so president Richardson drove my district home cause we live a little far from the stake center. One of the other companionships had to stay with us because it was like their sectors City’s days there so they would have to fight through like a drunk mob to get to their house so president thought it would be better if they just stayed with us. It was pretty cool we made hash browns and a huge omlet Sunday morning. 
I was also able to see the Gallardos from my first ward so that was pretty cool their baby is talking a ton now it’s crazy how much a baby grows in a year.

The district party went good we had pizza and soda and icecream so everyone was pretty happy!

Well not to much happened this week the volcano is still dumping out ash and my comp goes home next week so ya next week should be interesting!

Love Elder Keyes 

I Killed someone and now have a Step-son

September 21

Elder Richey died (finished his mission) so I was staying with the zone leaders last night. and I was there when they received the changes and turns out that I am going to finish Elder Huaito´s training making him my step-son. he is from Peru and seems pretty cool he was in the country before so I’m sure he is going to pretty excited to eat some good food again.

This week we had a ton of meetings one of which being my comps final interview. but the members were all really nice and able to keep him positive about going home (he was really sad to leave). 

But the zone is pretty cool right now Elder Markham came to finish someones training as well so now this zone is pretty much filled with elders from my group. Also Elder Hagemeyer another elder from my group came to be our zone leader here so I’m really excited to see how this change works out for the zone! 

But ya nothing really happened this week love you all!
Elder Keyes 

Elder Richey & Quito Ward

Me & Elder Huaito

Lots of Contacting

September 28th

this week because Elder Barnes was training we were able to have him in our house for a few days so that was cool. also my new comp (elder Huaito) even though he is new actually teaches really well and learns super-fast. 

We also found a new less active Miguel Angel, who was actually an active member when I first met him. I met him in my first sector we ate at his mother in laws house. sense that time he has passed through a ton of trials and long story short he is living with his mom in my current sector. You can really tell that he has gone through the repentance process. We were also able to start teaching his little brother when is way smart and has actually attended church a few times.

But other than that I got my hair cut today and ya that was about all that happened this week haha. 

Elder Keyes

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