Sunday, September 6, 2015

Elder Soarez came

So this was pretty busy week we were able to have a multi mission conference with elder Soarez and also elder Urceda. so it was pretty cool to be with that many missionary's. Also Elder Soarez's wife spoke to us in portugu├ęs with a translator but we could almost understand every thing portugues is practically like Spanish pig latin its really similar it just sounds a little more frenchy. but she spoke on conversion and her husband basically tried to tackle every missionary subject there is in 2 hours so it was a lot to learn about. it was cool it basically all boiled down to diligence as being the most important thing as a missionary and also planing. but this meeting we super special because there hasnt been a general authority to visit us in almost a year and a half.

The volcano luckily hasnt gone off yet BUT it has been dumping out a ton of ash so im just glad we live far enough away that the ash doesn't affect us. the ward is also still freaking out about to have a food storage. I like being in this ward a lot though all the members are really cool and are church doesnt start super early like some in country. we got a new relief society president so we will see how our momitas change up now. 

 Sadly our baptism fell through but the girl that was going to get Baptized (jazmin) she now has approval from her dad so this week is definitely gunna be the week!! We also are going to have an activity for one of our families so that they can get married so that they can baptized. the members are really starting to help us out so the work is really going faster. 

Ya so that's about it for this week love you all 
Elder Keyes  

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