Thursday, August 6, 2015

July 27th & Aug 3rd

The Garcia’s got married and baptized
This week was pretty crazy trying to prepare everything for the baptism and for the Garcia’s wedding. the Garcia’s were supposed to be baptized with their cousins the Adrandes but the night before their baptism Sister Andrade informed us that she forgot she had to work and that we would have to reschedule. luckily the Garcia’s were super pumped up for their baptism so they still pulled through.

The marriage was really cool Elder Bustillo (my Trainer) was able to go to the court house and see it as well because he is the person who found the Garcia family. That day we were also able to go to a bbq because our comp had a leader meeting with president and the elder who came with us is about to finish his mission. And was in this sector before so a family wanted to do something nice for him, it was awesome they made a ton of food.

The baptism went really well, president showed up to see the Andrade’s baptism it was kind of a bummer that they didn’t show up but he was happy to see the baptism. Also Elder Bustillo was able to baptize them. This family is awesome though Sunday night after they got confirmed they had already invited one of our investigators to have family night with them and to come eat at their house. 

But that was the highlight of our week love you all
-Elder Keyes

Old Friends

This week my comp had a pretty cool experience with finding a family. we also had a birthday party for one of our investigators. and we were able to help out  one of our investigators alot this week. we also ate pizza with the bishop.

Elder jaurez my comp from Honduras started his mission in Peru but Peru booted out all of the missionaries from Central America so about a year ago our mission received like 16 missionaries from Peru. And in Elder Jaurez´s first sector they found a family from the coast but after teaching them for a month the family moved to comite del pueblo (where we are now). so Elder Jaurez was super excited when he got moved to this sector  because he hoping to teach them or at least so them while he was here. And up until this week he had not seen them, we found them walking down the street. They were super excited to see him as well, we set up an appointment and we are now teaching them they are way cool they are from the coast. They just aren’t married so we are going to have to help them out with that.

Brother Andrande had his birthday this week and  it didn’t go so well mainly because everyone forgot but once we were reminded we were able to throw him a little party. the Bishop was able to come and talk to them after to try and strengthen their testimony a bit. 

We were visiting with one of our investigators this  week and the wife said that we needed to come back so that just her husband could talk to us. We did and with the problem that he presented to us for me we have to represent something special for a 45 year old man to ask 2 19 year old kids to help him solve this problem. Its crazy we are practically strangers to this family and after 3 short visits they trust with their biggest problems. We were able to set goals with them and assign a bunch a scripture for him to read. all I know is that the light of Christ exists in this church and people really can feel and see the difference this church brings.

Love Elder Keyes 

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