Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 13th & 20th

July 13, 2015

Zone Conference
This was a pretty busy week but it was pretty cool as well, we had divisions, zone conference, and president accompanied us to an appointment.

The divisions were pretty cool Elder Barnes who is from my group came with me and elder Juarez in our sector. Elder Juarez also went on a division with a member that day so that we could cover more ground and we were lucky enough that it rained for the first time sense ive been back to Quito. And i did not have my umbrella so we sprinted back through the flooded streets to our house, it kind of killed our day. 

This week was zone conference so that was pretty cool it helped us out a ton. Also after the zone conference we invited president to go to a lesson with us to help one of our struggling investigators. It was pretty cool teaching with president he really just invites the spirit into the lessons. The Andrade family was also able to get rid of their doubts and they set their baptismal date for the 25th so we are pretty pumped for that.

Sunday we had two really cool lessons, the Garcia who are the ones that are trying to clear up their debts so that they can get baptized, gave us a reference that was pretty cool it was sister Garcia’s mom. the lesson went really well and brother Garcia is super awesome he basically taught the lesson. i was able to hear his conversion story for the first time. He said he had a lot of doubts when first heard about the church but he decided to pray, he prayed and didnt feel any different. until the next day when his disabled mother got into to town. as he was helping her into the house he noticed something on his moms wheelchair that he hadn’t before. the back of her wheelchair had the churches logo on it. it turns out the church helped his family out when she had her acident and after all these years of having that wheelchair he hadn’t noticed until then. He then felt the spirit super strong and now he stronger the most members. 

We were also able to teach the Sanchez family they are awesome we didn’t have enough time to visit them throughout the week so we went Sunday to see how they were doing. they were actually a little mad we hadn’t come sooner they told us that if we wanted them to be ready soon enough for their baptism then you guys better come every if it’s possible to help prepare us. it was really cool to see how eager they were to listen to the gospel.

love Elder Keyes 

July 20, 2015

Jurassic World

this week not much happened but we had some pretty cool experiences. 

The first happened Monday night, it was going to be a really packed night but what usually tends to happen when we have a ton of appointments happened and they all fell through. It was weird though I wasn’t mad I just couldn’t get an investigator off of my mind so because we didn’t have anything else to do we decided to go visit him.  He was with his girlfriend (who is a member) was sick with a really bad cold so we gave her a blessing ya it was all pretty normal. We asked to share something and just like a split second think we decided to share the family proclamation. after sharing a bit of it Jefferson (the investigator) stopped and said I don’t know if my girlfriend called you or if someone sent you but I have been praying all day that I could receive something to help me guide this family better and help my girlfriend out with her kids. the spirit was super strong we told him what happened to all of our appointments and how we somehow knew we had to visit him. He is awesome and is starting to gain a testimony of the spirit little by little.

Also this week the ward did something really cool and had a activity to raise money so that two of our investigators could get married so that they could be baptized this week. they sold empanadas and morocho which is like milk with rice and raisons for one dollar and they also showed Jurassic world. They were able to raise the money and brother Garcia almost started crying when he was told what the money was for it was super awesome to see a ward come together like that.

But that’s all that pretty much happened this week the Garcia’s are getting married Friday and baptized Saturday with their cousins the Andrade family.

Love elder Keyes

here is the Garcia’s a few pig heads and we made a post card for the pope (it’s funny because potato and pope are the same word in Spanish)

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