Sunday, July 12, 2015

Working Two Sectors

July 6th

This week we were super busy. also we now have one of the biggest zones in the mission with 25 missionaries. We also were blessed to have 16 people attend church this week, we were also able to do a bunch of divisions with members to help cover our sector.

we were able to have a lesson with the familia Mendoza and their nephew and his family the Andrade family who are going to get baptized this weekend. sister Mendoza was having some doubts and we explained endure to the end really well to her and then she was talk about wanting to listen to other churches, then sister Andrade pulled out a really humbling scripture which is in 1 nephi 14, which talks about how every other church that isn’t the one true church is the church of the devil. So it was pretty awesome to see a investigator pull that out on another investigator haha. We felt like we really helped sister Mendoza that night.

Something funny that happened this week we were teaching this little old lady and we were trying to explain what the book of Mormon is we tried to have her read one verse and well I guess she thought it was pretty interesting because she went on to read 2 chapters out loud to us and it didn’t matter how many times we said "until there" or "okay". in the end we didn’t get to much of a lesson in, but we came out of the lesson knowing that she will definitely read so that was good.

But we also found a super good chicken place that’s a huge piece of fried chicken breast and mountain of fries for 1.50 so. I was also able to eat chicken feet again and I only gagged twice this time it was pretty cool. The thing I love about Ecuador though is we always get fresh juice like tree tomato or good passion fruit or naranjilla its awesome. We also have a family that recently went to the states and they have ranch it was super awesome to have a salad with some good ole ranch sauce 

Here is me and my comp repping our new welcome pope Francisco shirts in our house and in middle earth. also are the jungle people look in the jungle. a real shrunken head the middle earth monument. me with a otavalanian hat on that is so hard that the natives used them as a second use as weapons. also this is our church

love you all -Elder Keyes

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