Tuesday, February 16, 2016

December 2015

Christmas Dinner
Dec 7th
Well this week was pretty crazy with meetings and such but the cool thing that happened was the dinner. We got to be with another zone (quito east) and elder Olsen is in that zone so it was cool to have the Christmas dinner with him. We got some turkey and gravy, we also had a white elephant and everything.

My mission is starting to focus a ton on families, so because of that we have started to find a ton of families. We found one family that was listening to the missionaries while they lived in the south of Ecuador almost three years ago. We were able to teach them and they told us about how much they loved the church and how they were about to get baptized and everything. They also remembered the names of their missionarys one of them whose last name was chikiza. We rcognized that name because a member who just got back from his mission about three years ago. they told us he was from quito, so we decided to take this member who we though it was sunday to get them to go to church. it turns out it was him and it was really cool to see a ex missionary be able to see his old investigators listening to the missionarys again and also attending his own chapel.
But that is all that pretty much happened this week
Love Elder Keyes 

Changes with no changes

Dec 14th

Today were changes and I get to stay with my comp for Christmas so it’s gunna be pretty sweet because we both have the confidence of the members so that means a lot of gifts and food haha.
This last week was pretty insane, we found 11 new investigators and I haven’t done that sense I was in the coast so it was a pretty good feeling to do that here in Quito. We also found a 20 year old couple and they were actually married so that was a miracle in itself. They also gave us civiche for lunch and it was super good (civiche is like a fish lime soup thing that’s super good). But beside that this week was pretty slow.
 We had a gift exchange and my companion bought me a subway... haha it was a good gift only that I finished enjoying it after like 5 minutes.
But ya that was pretty much my week i also got my Christmas package and we set up everything!
Love Elder Keyes

The Wuakis are going to get Baptized
Dec 21st
Finally the Tuquares family has a date for baptism that they actually set, he feel really good about this because we have been teaching them for a long time.  The ward had been helping us out a ton because they had natives going over there visiting them and teaching them in their own language.... but pray for them
This last week was pretty cool with the new change, the sister in our ward is training. And her daughter is a Latin from salt lake so she came knowing Spanish.
The Guerrero family should be getting baptized around this time as well because of bunch of them have received their answers so they will be progressing shortly.
I also had divisions with the zone leaders and i was with a gringo for a day... man that really messes up your Spanish if you aren’t used to speaking both languages.
But that it pretty much all that happened this week!!
Love Elder Keyes 


Dec 28th
Whelp this was Christmas week and we almost didn’t do anything!
The Tuqueres family are still progressing we were able to have a family night with them and another family it was pretty fun. The dad also told how happy he is because he found the true church. This family really has been a miracle.
My companion also took a pretty good fall Wednesday when we were going to lunch. It was a dirt path and fell off about 4 ft to a ply wood wall, then the wall fell down and he fell another 8 ft to a mountain of dirt in someone’s backyard. The family didn’t try to help him at all they just were asking him how he fell. He just got up shook himself off and walked out their gate haha. I was dyeing laughing but that day we did not work because my comp was sore.
We also were able to eat 4 meals on Christmas day luckily they all pretty much had turkey. So that was a lot of food
Today we went to a crater and also we ate at a Peruvian restaurant.
That was pretty much my week..
 Love elder Keyes

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