Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 2016

Intermediate Changes
Jan 4th
So we had changes last night so that was a pretty big surprise. My comp left and I received my comp who is from Italy (but was born in Ecuador). he is pretty cool he just hit a year. 

This last week was pretty insane with it being new years and there were a ton of drunk people New Year’s Day. And new year’s eve there are what they call widows, or cross dressers that dance for money. They then celebrate the New Year by burning life size dolls they make to represent their old self’s. We were able to see the ward dolls they made the elders Quorum made hulk and the young men’s made bender from futuram.
Also the Tuqueres family are finally gunna get baptized this weekend. So we are super stoked for that please pray that it comes through. They really have been through a lot just to get to this point. 

This week was also full of miracles we were able to find 3 new families and all of them look really promising the 2 do not have the struggle to get married and the 3rd they have to get married but they came to church and really liked it so things are looking pretty good up here in Santa Anita.

Love you all 
Elder Keyes 


We had a great Baptism!

Jan 11th
The Tuqueres family got baptized finally!! It was a pretty cool baptism and they gave us guinipig after so that was the first time I’ve eaten one of the those things. My old companion elder Quintana received permission to come to the baptism so me and him were able to baptize them.
The first councilor in the bishopric let me know Saturday night so that was a pretty fun talk. um but this Sunday it decided to rain a ton when we were in our suits, so a member lent us some rain gear and Iended up looking like a deep sea fisherman.
we found a super cool family of 8 this last week they are the Angamarqas and the mom is a widow; she has a ton of faith and really completes with her commitments so we know that she and her will continue to progress if she keeps up with her commitments.
Today we were able to go out to eat with a member for his birthday and we had some civiche which is like a lime fish soup thing that is super good.
That’s pretty much all that happend this last week.
Love Elder Keyes

Elder Godoy

Jan 18th
So this week we had a ton of meetings starting with the zone conference where due to the other meetings all of Quito was there (which is like half the mission). It was pretty cool especially when they announced that Elder Holland is coming to our mission next month. 

But the Elder Godoy meeting was super cool he had a special 1 hour meeting with just the leaders before so I was lucky enough to be able to go to that. He talked about the challenges that we have as a mission.
In the big meeting he talked a little bit about his conversion at 16 where he talked about the power we have as missionary’s, he told us about the first lesson he had with the missionary’s and when they told him the first vision he started speaking in Portuguese and it was really amazing how strong the spirit was and we could barely understand him.

We also had a tour of the church with Segundo our little old man with date to be baptized. This guy is awesome he doesn’t understand or remember things very well but he is always coming up with ideas so that he doesn’t forget the things we tell him. But what else is cool is he receives his revelation through dreams and in one of his dreams he saw the book of Mormon and he said that he felt like this "book" he saw was going to change his life. And then pointed to my book and said it looked exactly like that. 

That was pretty much all of the exciting things that have happend this week

Love Elder Keyes


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