Sunday, May 1, 2016

February 2016

My companion lit a member on fire

Feb 1st
So this last week we had a bbq with some members and well like usual the coals were not lighting fast enough so we the great idea to use paint thinner to help the coals get along a little better.  Well I was fanning as my comp dumped a little bit a paint thinner into the grill. And the flame followed the stream and well lit my companions hand on fire, my comp got scared and threw the cup down and in the process spread burning paint thinner all over the member that was standing there. Luckily no one got hurt and all of the houses here are made of concrete so nothing got burnt. But it was pretty crazy to see a person’s whole body on fire..... The meat turned out great!
We also had a baptism!! The daughter of the Tuquerres family got baptized. it was a good baptism even though it started a hour and half late because the primary had an activity and the girl was in the activity they forgot to tell her parents that they were going to go straight to the baptism. So for about 45 minutes the Tuquerres family was waiting in there house for her. But she went home and then came back down all dressed up. But ya it was a good baptism.
But besides that nothing much happened
Love Elder Keyes


Feb 8th
So this week is carnival and in this sector it’s like the purge but instead of guns everyone has squirt guns and water buckets! so it’s pretty cool here because we basically can’t work for these two days because we get soaked if we walk down the wrong street. This past week we have seen everything from kids launching water balloons into the buses to people soaking people with buckets from rooftops!

Apart from that we were able to find a few good families this week. We found two guys that were laying a concrete floor to start to build their house. So we were able to offer some help and so we mixed and loaded concrete for about an hour. We wrecked our dress pants and our shoes but it was worth because we found 3 families just from this service. 

But besides this the coolest thing that happening this next week is Elder Holland is coming to Ecuador and we are all pretty excited about that especially because he is having a stake conference with my stake! And then a meeting with the missionary’s the following Wednesday!

But that’s about it love you all and there are no pictures this week sorry :( 
-Elder Keyes 

Transfers with a double Holland visit

Feb 15th
i got changed! I am now in Imbabura (Otavalo) and well I am now in a ward that does not speak Spanish they speak Kichwa where I am and now I’m going to have to learn a new language!.... again but it’s all good Kichwa it kind of sounds like if you mixed Chinese with baby language. 

This Sunday (before the change) my stake had the huge privilege to receive Elder Holland and wow the minute he enters the room you can feel that he is a man called of god. He explained to us a few miracles he made an Apostolic promise that if the wards keep the temple in Guayaquil very busy then in a short time they will see a temple in Quito. 
it’s kind of funny before I thought to see an Apostle or listen to him up close I thought it would be the fear of god he would strike into you. But it was the opposite you could only feel a genuine unconditional love, and it honestly drives one to be better a lot more affectively then fear haha. He bore his testimony in Spanish and I’m pretty sure that everyone there was crying it was a pretty amazing experience. 

And lucky I get to hear Elder Holland tomorrow and Wednesday because he is coming to visit Otavalo and then Wednesday we have the meeting with him with the missionary’s.

So that’s about all the cool stuff that happened in my week
Love you All Elder Keyes 

Week 1 in the Shire

Feb 22nd
Welp this sector is pretty cool, it’s also a lot of walking like a ton! it’s pretty cool here like all of the streets are cobblestone and after the first few days my feet were killing as if I had like 4 weeks in the mission again, but then again you see little old ladies that look like they´re about 300 walking barefoot carrying about 60 pounds of firewood so that they can cook the lunch. The people really are amazing here and really, really tiny, I didn’t even think that God made people that small but almost all the old people are like that and they hardly speak Spanish.
 it’s really hard not to have a love for these people Elder Holland said that every time he goes to South America all of the 12 always ask him if he went to Otavalo because they think they are such a great people. He also said that he believes this probably the only place in the world where literally everyone could be members, and he prophesied 25 stakes with a 50% membership in Otavalo which was pretty cool to hear. Also when Elder Holland spoke to our mission he didn’t have to lay the law down on us because he felt a good spirit with our mission, he said we are lucky because if he doesn’t feel a good spirit it gets ugly. But what he did tell us is that if go inactive after the mission and he sees he will go ballistic. He talked about how much the mission changed his life and how much it should change our live. He said it was the most pivotal time in his entire life that he values more than anything else that every good thing in his life he could trace back to his mission. Really if you are not active in the church find a reason to get active because when you find a love for the gospel it’s the best drug anyone could find. 

This sector is pretty cool there are a lot of Catholics and they don’t like to talk to us very much but hey that’s ok we will have to find other ways to teach them. Luckily the ward is in like half Spanish and half Kichwa so I can understand haha. The members love to work with us here so it’s going to fun to work with all of the wuakis here. 

Welp that about all that happened this last week!!
 Love Elder Keyes 

Road trip with the Bishop

Feb 29th
This week went pretty good we were able to have a super powerful lesson with a part member family. The wife is member of a church that still practices the Law of Moses and believes in Christ and still does sacrifices so it’s a pretty crazy church oh and they also do thing like crazy healing miracles like healing the blind and casting out demons. But after we taught the restoration with members that testified and everything she explained how she felt a peace that she had never felt before and it gave her urges to read the Book of Mormon to figure out if this was all really true. We explained how that’s exactly how Alma 32 explains the start of a testimony. She is now super pumped and those super strong bonds we thought she had to her old church just seemed to disappear, it just shows how much a testimony helps in lessons.

we also went on a little road trip this week to a community called imantag its like 1 hour in car outside of where we usually work but it still counts as part of our ward. the bishop and other leaders wanted to show us around there because there are members and also a lot of old investigators. it was pretty cool we got to do some divisions with the members and we got to know most the people that are members out there.

Well about the only other interesting thing that happened this week is that during our studies our neighbor butchered a pig and it sounded like they branding a baby with a hot iron. It was pretty hard to focus that day in studies haha

Love you all Elder Keyes

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