Saturday, November 22, 2014

Birthday in Ecuador!!!

     This week was pretty slow, we had to do a lot of tracting to try and gain more investigators. For 2 days that's basically all we did. One crazy thing that happened is we saw a fight! A big truck and this small car almost hit each other, they stopped their cars in the middle of an intersection and started yelling at each other. The guy who was like 5´5´ in the truck got out of his truck and started trying to get the guy in the little car to come fight him. Of course the guy in the car accepted, he got out of the car and was about 6´5´, so he proceeded to put a beating on the little guy. Then to top it off, the big guys 6 year old daughter got out of the car to help her dad, luckily the fight got broken up before anything bad happened. It was pretty cool to watch go down.
     Yesterday was my b-day so I got to have cake! We ate at my favorite member’s house for dinner and had a small party, so that was cool. We also had 5 investigators at church, three were people we tracked that week (the Altafulla family). Also, this week we were teaching a family we contacted earlier in the week, we presented them the book of Mormon and as soon as we explained that is was the word of God, the accepted it right off the bat! We were pretty stunned. My companion said that's first time he has seen or heard of that happening, we were pretty pumped. They didn't come to church this week because they were busy, but they said they would clear their schedule for the next Sunday. 
 That's pretty much all of the cool stuff that has happened this week love you all!  

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