Saturday, November 29, 2014

Last Week Before his First Transfer

Hola people,
     This was a great week, but first, let me tell you something that I totally forgot to say in my last email. 2 weeks ago we were following up on a reference that we got and when we walked into the house there was the persons entire family sitting around a small casket. The kid was 6 and died from Cancer. We shared a message about the plan of salvation and the atonement, The spirit was super strong and it was pretty hard not cry with them. Anyways, the next day after lunch, we got a call from the ladies brother, he asked if we would share a message at the funeral service. We thought it was a little strange considering they were pretty serious Catholics, but we accepted. That night we shared a similar message to 40+ Catholics. It was a pretty cool experience and the funny thing was, I didn't mess up once with my Spanish so that was pretty cool also.
     Monday we taught the Martinez family, they are awesome. But they are always at work, so its hard to get them to church and find times to meet with them. 
     Tuesday we went on splits with the zone leaders. I was lucky enough to be with the gringo zone leader, Elder Anderton, it was really nice to be able to ask what something is in English and then teach what I actually wanted to say, instead of just something like, what I'm trying to say. 
     Wednesday when I got back, I found out that one of our old investigators that did have a baptismal date moved in with her boyfriend, and now we don't know where she is. She left her Book of Mormon at the LDS family she was living with`s house. That was pretty crappy. 
     Thursday we found an investigator that had kinda disappeared, Apparently her schedule for school changed so she wasn't home when she usually was. Her names Erica Kinitoua and she is probably going to progress really fast now. She asks a ton of questions and really has an urge to know if this is the true church. Also we had a little mut follow us around for 4 hours from appointment to appointment. He would wait outside while we taught and then continue walking with us, He chased after some kids and then we didn't see him after that, but it was pretty funny. 
     Friday we taught a really great lesson with one of our investigators with a baptismal date, Lillian Altifulla, and her daughter Jeniffer. Jenifer doesn't really know if God is there and her mom is really worried about her. We had one of the strongest and most spiritual lessons about the atonement and God. It was so cool. and after her daughter left Lillian bore her testimony to us about how she knows this is the true church and all she wants is her daughter to feel what and how she does about the church and the atonement. 
     Saturday we only had time for one lesson because my comp had to do interviews with all the investigators that are getting baptized this week. We also had to walk like 4 miles back to our sector because there was this huge Catholic march thing that was going on in the main road so none of the buses were running. There were a ton of carts with mystery soups and meats all over and some investigators happened to be at one. They gave us some for was yellowish orange with a boiled egg and some other food like stuff on it and then on mine there was was a hair as thick as yarn.... we thanked them and said we were late for an appointment (which we were) and waited until we were far enough away to feed it to some strays.
     Sunday was pretty normal, the only cool/crazy thing that happened was we ate cow foot soup. It smelled like a boiled gym sock. We choked it down, taught them a lesson, and continued on with our day. 
     That's pretty much all that happened this week love you all!
The Flores Family

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