Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 4th & 11th

May 4                    Golden Family

This last week we didn't have any meetings so we worked like crazy!  Tuesday I went on divisions with one of the Zone Leaders Elder Daute who is from Honduras.  He only has two changes left, so he is super experienced.  His call was to Peru originally but he was reassigned here to Quito because of Visa problems.  I learned a ton in that short time I spent with him, his teaching style is super different.  With him we helped one of our investigators realize the answer to her prayers and she felt the spirit super strong.  We taught about the plan of salvation and that was the lesson she really needed at the time.  She said this is the first time that a plan a plan that God has for her has made sense.
 Austin & Elder Anderton        

On Wednesday we found a super good family the Guerreros who we taught the two daughters with their mom.  We taught them about the resurrection and they loved the message and accepted a baptismal date.  The next night we visited them again and gave them a Book of Mormon with a reading chart and when we visited them again the one of the daughters who is 13 had colored in a bunch of the chart.  The other daughter who is 12 had already read six chapters out loud to the family.  They are super prepared and ready for baptism except the parents aren’t married so pray for them so that it won’t take five years for that to happen like it does sometimes here.
The Espinosas are getting married this week so hopefully they can get baptized really soon!!
That’s about all that happened this week.
Love Elder Keyes


May 11                                 Mother’s Day
This week was pretty cool Elder Scanlan and I went on divisions and we worked in his sector.  It’s pretty to go on splits with someone you came out with, our teaching styles really mesh together well, so we had some pretty cool lessons with some of his old investigators that should be getting baptized in a few weeks.  The Navia family are way cool, they have been investigating the church for six years waiting for a divorce to go through so they can get married and also saving enough money for the marriage license but they are getting close.

Espinosa Family
This week the Espinosa’s were supposed to get married but that didn’t end up happening because the dad’s work scheduled changed and the mom got sick.  So they were unable to get the paper work done but we are hoping that they are able to get married this week.

We taught a really cool lesson to a sister of one of the members here.  Gloria is super receptive and I guess she was almost baptized when she lived in Manabi.  We are hoping to get her to church and progressing as soon as she gets over Chikonguna (crazy weird sickness that’s going around here).

Sunday we went on visits with the really funny member, Edwardo.  He lives in the little compound that has like 5 huts in it and they are all pretty much his family that live there.  But we thought he was going introduce us to some of his friends, but nope we walked right out his door and he started knocking on all his cousins doors and he would ask them “you wanna listen right now?”  He knocked on every hut but they were all busy.  It was pretty cool to me the first people he thought needed the gospel were in the huts we walk by almost every day.  We just never thought his extended family would even want to listen, so we were just glad he tried to share the gospel with his family.  After leaving the compound we contacted a few people that seem like real promising contacts.

Well I love you all and loved talking to my family yesterday.

-Elder Keyes
Happy Mother's Day
Sweet new apartment

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