Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We Moved!

It’s kind of sad, my time of living with my companion and the Zone Leaders has come to an end.  We moved most of our stuff on Friday and today we put our beds together so now we will be spending our first there tonight.  This past week we were pretty busy with the moving our stuff, the land lady at our old apartment was pretty upset when we showed up to mover our stuff.   There are several repairs that she is insisting we make before we take most of our furniture.  So today in our new apartment we only have a fridge, table and our beds.  But we have running water, a shower and its new and clean so it’s a good trade.  It is sad that we don’t live with the ZL’s but we are still pretty close so we will still see each other a lot.

This week I went on splits with Elder Equite from Guatemala and it was pretty cool.  I love teaching with Natives, they generally teach better than Gringos because of not having the language barrier. 
We taught a discussion on the Restoration to this family and the spirit was so strong during the discussion.  At the end of the discussion we asked them if they would be baptized and one of the guys accepted the challenge and his Aunt and cousin started asking why they needed to be baptized when they had already been baptized.  This guy spoke up and said “we weren’t baptized by someone who has authority”.  Then he turned to us and said he has been searching for a church that has authority for a while and he thinks he may have found it with ours.  He is the perfect investigator except for the fact that he is rarely home because he is a Fisherman so it is a miracle we even found him at home.  Fishermen here will leave for weeks at a time and then be home only for a couple of days before they take off again.

Half the zone here on the coast has Chiconguya which is a virus that is going around and causes your bones and joints to hurt and you get really bad headaches, it is a pretty crazy sickness.  Luckily I haven’t got it yet, it is transmitted by mosquitos so we have been sleeping with a bunch of incense burning which have protected us so far.

Anyways I am doing great and love you all

Elder Keyes
Nelson one of our Investigators

Elder Colfac and I

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