Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First week with my Second Companion

This week was pretty great we have a family with a baptismal date! The Espinosas they just had a baby this week a little girl, it was pretty exciteing. Especialy because that means they will want to get married, that was the thing we were waiting to happen because she didnt want to get married while she was pregnant?
anyways we had a super spiritual lesson with them we talked about capitan moroni and the example that he always gave in his life. we related it to them being parents and how they always need to put the things of god before everything else. And Andres (the Dad) testified to us that he knows this church is true and owes so much to this church because they answered his prayers and provided him with a job. He also said the things he has learned has change him and his family's life forever. it was pretty cool. I love that family their little boy who is like 3 is super crazy but is now super protective of his little sister he wouldnt even let us go into the room when she was. 
I retook some of the pictures with nelson, the crazy investigator that we have who live in a shack up on the top of a hill. 
This week was a pretty slow other than that but we did find a part of our sector that is on stilt or like big wooden planks over the water, ill try to take a picture of it next week.

Love Elder Keyes
Fruit Salad for Lunch

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