Monday, April 6, 2015

Holy Week

This week was Holy week here and they celebrate the week Christ entered back into Jerusalem and went through the Atonement.  They celebrate this special week by not eating meat or swimming and drinking and partying until the sun goes down.  It’s really a weird way to show appreciation for what Christ did for us but hey, I shouldn’t judge. 

There was too much going on for us this week because of a lot of things that happened, one my companion was going home the next week so this last week he was pretty much coasten. Two we just had a lot of other non-missionary things to do like the contract for our new house and packing up all of the things at our old house, only to find out that the secretary’s didn’t call and finalize the bank information with the landlord so we didn’t even move out.

But anyways on the bright side it was conference weekend and this was probably one of my favorite conferences there was a ton of good talks. It was kind of cool we watched all the talks in English except for the Spanish ones so we didn’t really have to listen to the translator. They talked a ton on the family which is really what Ecuador needs right now. I was just a little sad it was mostly on Saturday when not as many people were watching. 

Also my investigator had her baby so now they can get married and baptized now so that’s really cool!.

Me and elder Anderton (the zone leader) ran into some friends last night that took all of our money and our cellphones (first time being robbed) because I had the district leader phone and he had the zone leader phone because both of our companions had left to Quito already. But luckily we did not get hurt or anything but we had to go rob the other district leaders phone at like 9:30 at night so that elder Anderton could hear the transfers that were going to happen. 

Also I got my new comp he is another gringo Elder Morgan.

Well that’s all that happened pretty much this week love you all 

-Elder Keyes 

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