Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Comp goes home next week!

This week was super busy with a bunch of different stuff like our meeting with President that took up a whole day.  Then the next day we looked for houses with the President and the Assistants.

But this week we did teach pastor Juan who is a minister for his little Chapel that he has been building for like two years now.  He is awesome and we have great discussions but we have to plan out what we say to him very carefully so that we do not offend the doctrine of his church.  This last time we visited with him he said "I'm starting to think that Joseph Smith was actually a prophet" , so we now have something to work with.  He is a super awesome guy and is really excited to listen to conference next week.

We also ate encocado and it was super good, its this yellow sauce they make from coconut and put it on fish and it was so good.  Also something else we did I bought a coconut and we all ate it together it was way good.  I'm kind of sad we are moving out of the Zone Leaders tomorrow into the house we found with President.

We found a less active member and started teaching her hoping that we can get her interested in coming back to church.  We have been teaching her about the apostasy because she has said that she thinks it doesn't matter what church you belong to.  We have been spending time with her trying to get to know her so that we know what to focus on and found out that her brother died a while ago so we have been teaching her about the Plan of Salvation.  As we discussed baptism for the dead with her she started to cry and said that she wants to get worthy to attend the temple and do the temple work for her family.  I hope that we can continue to build on that lesson and help get her active again.

The work seems to be picking up her so hopefully we will start seeing some baptisms in our zone.

I love you all,
Elder Keyes
My favorite Drink here in Ecuador

A local church

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