Friday, May 22, 2015

We finally have someone progressing towards Baptism

This week was pretty great, we finally have someone progressing towards baptism, I went on divisions with Elder Colfack and I bought a toy.

Tuesday Elder Colfack and I went on divisions and it was a super fun day.  It was cool, we taught really well together and a family gave us a huge lunch because they thought his companion who was going home was coming.  Then that night we bought a pizza and I ended up getting Chickungunya which is like this mosquito sickness and I had a super high fever, aches and pains.  So ya, that was cool, but Elder Colfacks neighbor is a Doctor so he just hooked me up with some meds I needed and by the end of the next day I felt fine.

On Thursday we taught the Cifuentes, they are a less active family and some of them are a little silly haha.  Edwardo, for example is one of the Brothers that is active and is trying to help his family.  But this visit he was a little offended from the ward activity this past Saturday.  It was put on by the young women and they did this modeling show or something like that.  Anyway he thought it was very inappropriate, we tried to calm him down and just to talk to the Bishop about it.  That just seemed to get him more fired up until he just stood up and demonstrated the right way to model.  He said this is the right way and walked slowly and properly and then he said this is how they were doing it and started to shake and twist his big chubby body. Me my companion and his whole family almost died laughing at him when he did that, but he was completely serious.  He is an awesome guy!

Friday we had divisions with Elder Jeffery and Elder Gonzales.  I worked in my sector with Elder Gonzales (my Grandpa) he is the one who trained my trainer.  I really enjoyed going on divisions with him.  While we out we found this huge family and taught them.  They kept asking me to speak in English and the teenage girls kept taking snapchats of us while we were teaching the restoration to them.  It was pretty cool to teach a big group (9) but it was hard to keep everyone’s attention.  Later that night we found a really good new investigator whose name is Julio.  He started out just kind of listening in on the lesson we were having until we asked him to read.  When he started to read he kept talking about how great it makes him feel to read this book and how different the message is from everyone else.  It was a huge testimony builder to me that there really are people who are searching for the one “different” church.  He should be getting baptized on the 6th of June.

Saturday I bought a Taka-Taka which is just like this super annoying toy that everyone has right now.

Sunday I spoke in church and we found another really prepared investigator Fernando.  He has been looking for a good church for a while, but all the churches he has found explain the Holy Ghost as being a fire that burns and makes you jump around and scream and cry hysterically.  He then said I don’t feel like that every time I have felt close to God, I have felt peace.  We asked him how he felt when he had his first child and he said a powerful feeling of love and peace, we said that is exactly how the spirit feels.  He agreed and really wants to hear from us again and also accepted a date.

Well that’s all for the week, love you all!! --  Elder Keyes
Austin & Byron

Austin & Andre

Austin & Edwardo

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