Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Big Ol' Fire

May 25th

This week started off pretty slow, but some interesting things happened too.  But first I have recovered from Chikungunya and now Elder Colfack has it.  It’s kind of funny its supposedly transmitted through mosquitos but Elder Colfack uses his mosquito net, takes anti mosquito pills and wears bug spray and still got the sickness so I guess all of that stuff doesn’t even matter to the beast mosquitos they have here!

Anyway one crazy and sad thing that happened was Nelsons house got burned down.  We were in the middle of a lesson and then we just seen a huge black pillar of smoke coming from the direction of where Nelson lives.  After the lesson we ran over there and it was raining ash, luckily he wasn’t inside.  The fireman were not sure if someone started it or if was faulty wiring (he wired it himself by taping wires he found on the street together) so it’s a toss-up which one it was.  But this experience has helped him come back to Church and apply the principles we have been teaching him more in his life.  Please pray for him this is the second time in a year that this has happened to him.

My MTC Comp Elder Olsen was transferred to my District
On a little bit lighter note, we had divisions with Elder Scanlan and Elder Gonzalez, I went with Elder Gonzalez.  He is way cool, it was kind of funny we started talking about music and found out that we like the same rock groups.  He is way cool and was actually in a band before he came out on his mission.  We found some really good contacts and found a new smoothie shop that was awesome.  It makes a really good smoothie with fruit you have never heard of like the Guanabauna.
Kind of slow week, love you all!!
-Elder Keyes  

Garcia Family

 June 1st

This week we had a meeting everyday but Saturday.  President was here for interviews so we had two days of training with him and they were really good!  The new AP’s we have did a really good job putting training together that really helped improve our training.  One in particular was about using the scriptures and relying on them more than yourself.
We finally moved all of the desks and stuff like our dressers out of our old apartment into our new place so it doesn’t feel like we are living in a hotel anymore because we have a place to put our clothes.  We gave a Nelson a few of the really old desks that were in our old apartment and he was able to sell them for some supplies to help rebuild his house.  I lucked out when we had Divisions because Elder Olsen had to help Nelson carry these huge wood planks up to his property so he could start rebuilding his house.  Elder Olsen said it was the hardest service projects of his mission.  So I was able to dodge that bullet. Ha Ha   The division was way cool we had a super good lunch, some good ol fried fish with rice and beans.  The member where we ate was excited to show us this new electric massager the he had just bought.  It worked by shocking you with these suction cup things you put on the area you want to massage.  Elder Jeffery put one on each wrist arm and then grabbed each others wrists to see how high we could go.  We got to 8 out of 15 and then it started to feel like a taser  so ya we stopped.
We have an investigator with a Baptismal date!!  Fernando is this really nice guy who has a strong desire to become a member of the church, so pray that he keeps progressing and growing his testimony.  We also rescued  (helped reactivate) a member who used to be in the Bishopric and then who fell into inactivity.   It is great to see him back at church and he is now our Mission Leader.
Love Elder Keyes

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