Saturday, September 6, 2014

Family Farewells

The Keyes family had a day to say goodbye for two years to Austin on Wednesday. There was pizza, cake, stories and tears. It was a great time, and it felt like the olden days, Grandma sang us all an old song…

Once there was a Dutchman
His name was Johnny Verbeck
He made the finest sausages and sauerkraut and speck.
He made the finest sausages that'll evermore be seen,
Till one day he invented a sausage makin machine.
Oh, Mr. Johnny Verbeck how could you be so mean,
I told you, you'd be sorry for inventin' that machine
now all the neighbors cats and dogs will nevermore be seen
For they'll be ground to sausages in Johnny Verbeck's machine.
One day a boy came walkin' a walkin' thru the door.
He bought a pound of sausages and laid them on the floor.
The boy began to whistle, He whistled up a tune.
And all the little sausages went dancin' round the room.
One day the machine got busted the darn thing wouldn't go,
So Johnny Verbeck he climbed inside to see what made it so.
His wife she had a nightmare, went walkin' in her sleep
She gave it a yank a deuce of crank and Johnny Verbeck was meat!
(Alternate Verses)
One day tha meat inspector came knockin at tha door,
He said "I'll start a lookin or give me money more."
Well johnny got real angry an pushed him in tha meat,
he fired up the old machine an now theres more ta eat.

One day there was a shortage there was no meat ta grind,
So johnny he called up tha pound ta see what he could find.
They said were outta busness we keep tha strays no more,
But we'll send all our future finds directly to your door."

Austin was able to take one more camping trip with his Grandpa Keyes, Grandpa Shelley, My Dad, and My Mom.
Today we spent the day at our cousin’s baptism and he was able to stand in the circle for the first time, and be their first hand as Sadie was ordained a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
My husband and I were able to go to lunch with my parents and brother at Tucanos today, we stalked his belly up for the next two years!

Here is a few fun stories that were shared....
When Austin was in Kindergarten he broke both of his wrists at the same time.
When he was about two (I think)..I may have pushed him out of the window. Oops.
He has fallen out of a ski lift.
He used to play Santa everyday, he used a white wash cloth as a beard and a pillowcase for a bag.
He used to have a bug catching business and he used a milk carton as a helmet.
He put on a Backstreet Boy concert in our backyard with some friends.
He has put his hand in a mouse trap and has lost his front big boy tooth because of a stick. (that was Brett Ricks, Steven Clark and Chandler Clark's fault...just saying).

Oh there is so much more....

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