Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Officially in Mexico

He made it to Mexico, City!
Austin's flight left last night at 12:55 am. It was a bitter sweet goodbye, but my family is so proud of my brother. 

The airport experience was crazy!
Going to the airport was a different experience, the mood was quite somber. However, little did we know, we would all meet 3 other missionaries going to the same mission, and be on the same flight!
Elder Plant, Elder Jeffery, and Elder Lomeli
Elder Plant is from Murray, Utah, and he seems like a great kid with an outstanding family.
Elder Jeffery is from Payson, Utah. Turns out, I actually took a few classes at UVU with his mom, and his parents are related to my dad's best friend, David Dunford. How crazy is that?!
Elder Lomeli is from Cedar Hills, Utah, about .5 miles from my parents house. Austin and him know each other very well. It turns out, his dad served the exact same mission as this elder. Cool right?
We have one other boy already heading out to North Quito, Ecuador. His name is Elder Ryan Call. He happens to be in my parents/brothers and my old ward! He lives right around the block. 

All these families were truly blessed to have met each other last night.

Austin made it to Mexico, and is so happy to be there...

hey dad and mom i made it last nigh was super hard up until i met up with all of the other missionary's we all got together right before we went on the plane there was about 13 of us sisters and elders most were going to Ecuador other then the four that was down there the other elders are going to giqyuiluil (i cant spell that haha). we were the first group to arrive and kolin hasn't got here yet. my companion is elder Olsen. i am in a casa and my classes are at the Joseph fielding smith building so i will be able to get the package easy. travin is in the intermediate class so he will be in the field twice as fast as me but today we pretty much just get to chill and unpack so that's nice. tyler is out in the field now which is insane. it seemed like yesterday we were saying goodbye to him. driving to the mtc was way crazy i've never seen homes where people in a place like this the are all concrete and stacked up the side of the hill. bu um just so you know i have way more stuff then everyone else haha but im sure ill be happy mom tried to pack walmart into my bag. i write on tuesdays im not sure which time yet so it will probably be from 8-12 is so be ready i love you so much see you in two!!!!
---Elder Keyes 

 See You in Two!

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