Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halfway Through the CCM (MTC)

We are all almost done with the CCM (MTC). It's getting harder to think of things to write about. The days are starting to melt together. Our zone got a new District...it's weird to our district to have new missionaries because we all still feel like the little kids that don't know anything.Elder Olsen and I started teaching without notes this week, it was challenging and probably didn't make any sense. But, good because we figured out what key words we are still missing in our vocab so we can learn it. It also makes the lessons feel real and you teach more from the heart which is what we are supposed to be doing, so for how bad our spanish is, our lessons still have meaning and are powerful. We also have two investigators now  Julio and Romido they are complete opposites. 

Julio asks us the hardest questions that would be hard to explain to someone even in English. Like, "Why are you guys called elders?" or "I don't need to be baptized because i've never sinned before". It's tough to find the correct words to explain to him what he needs to know and then teach him a lesson in 15 minutes. We usually explain the answers to his questions and then never get around to the lesson so it's good and bad.

Romido does not ask enough questions, we try to get to know him more and figure out what his needs are, but it's hard when he just gives you one word answers. We usually get through the lessons and just stress the parts we think he needs.  

Fast Sunday was pretty cool, we got to do the sacrament meeting for the cafeteria workers. Elder Markham and Elder Whetton are the substitute zone leaders now because our zone leaders left last week, so they have to direct all of our meetings now in Spanish.

(He sent the letter early, but don't worry he finished it...)

I wasn't done yet. We got a new district in our zone, and it was funny to see how we were acting just two weeks ago. They looked freaked out haha, but on family night they had all started to settle down and chill out more just like we did. Elder Frampton leaves next week, so after next week we will be the oldest district in our zone. That's super weird because we all still feel like we just got here, I also really like their district, they help us out a lot, and we are always in each others classrooms.
We watched a devotional from Elder Bednar, that he gave to the Provo MTC on Christmas a few years back. It was way spiritual and kinda funny, he basically said that the majority of the missionary's speak their languages so bad, that the only way people can even be converted is through the Holy Ghost. And it is so true, I know my spanish is terrible but all the feed back we get from our teachers (who are also our investigators) is how great. They tell us our lessons are good and they tell us how good we teach, and then they say we just need to get the spanish down. I love it here, I know it's where I need to be and I know with all my heart that the church is true. Love you guys talk to you next week.

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