Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Week

First week!
We got to the MTC at about 2 in the afternoon, then we were allowed to just chill. My companion Elder Olsen didn't get here till about9:00 that night. The next day we jumped right into it we had like 5 different orientation meetings. It was a long boring day with a lot of little things they want you to remember but aren’t really that important. Elder plant from the airport is in my casa and then his companion elder Erickson who is from Idaho and then my companion who Elder Olsen who is from Montana.  All of the boys in our district are going to the same mission and then the Hermana's are all going all over the U.S. I really like everyone in my district they are all way chill, also Elder Frampton is in my zone so I see him all the time which is a BIG help.

All of the Elder's that have been here longer seem like they are three year's older then us when they have only been here like 2 weeks longer than us. Everyone in my zone helps my district with all the language teaching and how to eat the food without getting sick haha. The food im gunna be honest is the craziest things I have ever seen like most of us probably haven’t seen meat/cheese/mystery food like this. I usually just wrap whatever the "food" is into a tortilla and drowned it in hot sauce. I’m always excited for breakfast and dinner because the nuetella bar is open and me and Elder Olsen make banana nuetella sandwich's. But tonight is pizza night and they said that is the best night of the week they get a ton of costco pizza's. I’m starting to eat more and more of the food you just kinda have to close your eyes and pray you don’t get diarrhea. Elder plant in my casa got sick yesterday.

We have taught our investigator 3 times and each time we read to him less and less, the first time we taught him we pretty much read him the first three pages of preach my gospel. But we are getting it, it’s pretty amazing that after only 4 days and can get the jest of what someone is saying in a different language. Yesterday was Mexico's independents day so we had a huge party for that and watched dancers in their native clothing it was pretty cool. We also sang the Mexican national anthem and the president of the CCM named off the founding fathers of Mexico then wave a huge Mexican flag yelling viva la Mexico as fireworks shot off indoors! So that was pretty crazy and fun I'll send pictures next week because I forgot my chord to upload them. Everyone is so nice here and you can pretty much talk to anyone and figure out a mutual friend you have except for the Latinos and natives only the people about to leave can communicate with them. We get a new teacher tomorrow and two new investigators by the end of the week but our first teacher was way cool his name is Hermano Martinez. Our branch presidency is way cool, we have presidente Rodriquez and presidente Romero we haven’t met the other councilor yet he has been out of town. Presidente Rodriquez  is way cool and can speak English very well he was called to be a councilor when the CCM opened last year and could barely speak English at all and now he directs and teaches priesthood and sacrament meeting. Romero though he can barely speak at all and I don’t know if he knows exactly what's going on because he'll stand up and share story's that doesn’t have anything to do with the lesson's haha But he is a very nice and genuine man that all he wants to do is help the missionary's. But I’m almost out of time so I love you all and hope to hear from you.

Elder Keyes and Elder Olsen 

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