Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week Two!

He is doing so good! 

"It´s getting a lot easier just like the other elders said it would, the main thing is you can’t get caught daydreaming or you start second guessing why you here and lose focus of what is really important and that's bringing people to Christ and to happiness.  We have finished teaching our first investigator and have started our second.  Me and my companion know how to teach really well but the language barrier is what keeps us from really opening up and learning what investigators true needs are.  The lessons get easier every time and so I know by the end of next week we probably will just need to go in with our scriptures rather than a full written out scrip. 

I am getting more used to the food, I almost got sick last week so I pounded down 4 bananas down and that pretty much stopped all the urges if you know what I mean?   Any ways haha my district is getting along really well.  Me and elder Olsen hang out with elder Markham and elder Whetton a lot elder Markham is way cool,  he is from Arizona and commercially fishes in Alaska 2 months out of the year so we all get along really well.  We pranked another room in our casa because they kept leaving the door to our casa open all day, we took all the sheets off their bed and put a mattress in their shower.   Ya they were way mad it was pretty funny, most the people in our casa are pretty chill we usually get to bet around 11:30 because we are all in each other’s rooms talking.

A kid in our district gave a devotional about why he chose to come on his mission and it was probably one of the coolest story´s I´ve ever heard, his name is elder Osborn and when he was a sophomore, him and his friend went to his friends ranch for Easter weekend.  They just  kinda rode dirt bikes and went looking for deer antlers.  Anyway one morning his friends wanted to go back out and look for deer antlers, he decided he didn’t want to go so he just kinda hung out at the house and finally he got impatient and got in the side-by-side and went looking for them. He couldn't find them so he just started screwing around drifting and doing donuts. He tried drifting around and slid out and hit a drainage ditch and got thrown 15 feet and the side-by-side tumbled on top of him.  The roll cage landed on his pelvis and no one knew where he was.   He thought he was going to die.  Looking at what he had he had a box cutter an empty bottle of coke and a Gatorade.  Praying as hard as he could for the lord to just let him die then after 2 hours of laying there he wrote his goodbye´s on the hood of the side-by-side.  Then he stabbed himself 15 times and slit his own throat.   Another hour passed and he lived on, he started to hear the faint sound of a dirt bike and it turned out to be his friend.  His friend not being religious started to pray to god to help him get his friend unstuck.  His 180 pound friend by himself flipped the 1900 pound quad back on all fours.  They met the ambulance half way to the hospital.  The doctor told his father that he did not slit his throat by himself he was inspired by something else they called it a self preformed tracheotomy it allowed him to stop hyperventilating and the knife wounds relieved pressure in his body that could have killed him.  He was also 3 cm away from his voice box.  They said he would never play sports again and may never walk again.  He tried out for football only five months later.  He is living proof that God has a hand in all of our lives and that God really does care about his children. Love you all I’m doing great!!!!"                  

"just to answer some questions the CCM is 90 acres and a lot like a college campus with big walls around it. There are something like 850 missionaries here and at Provo they are pushing 3000 missionaries on a 30 acre campus, so we are pretty lucky here. All  we basically do is study, that's why it sucks when you don't have a a investigator to prepare for, like we did at the end of  last week. Your brain just pretty much shuts down and you can't memorize anything after like 6 hours of studying."

Elder Framp and Elder Keyes and Elder Harvicston

His District

Elder Markham and Elder Olsen and Elder Keyes

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