Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Past Half-Way!

Hey everyone,
  Everyone from the other district is basically gone, most of them left yesterday. But this week not much has happened, the language is still coming right along, all we really do now is look for scriptures that apply to our investigator. Our investigators are still following through on their commitments so it feels really good when that happens.
It's crazy, I was very skeptical on how long or whether I would be able to feel the spirit in a different language but after fast Sunday and one of our teachers baring his testimony, I can promise you the spirit is just as strong in a another language as it is ours. 
We taught a native on Thursday, she has been a member for 10 years and was really nice to us. I didn't catch her name because she talked so fast, haha, but it was good to hear a real member speak and not get the slow very formal no slang Spanish we get in the CCM. The language gets easier by the week.
While we were outside learning a new concept, I guess there was a big party or something going on just outside the CCM because for the first time in a month I heard normal music that I recognized and it played pretty much all day so that was fun to hear.
This week me and my companion get to be investigators for this companionship of sisters in our district and then next week we'll teach them. It's fun and a lot less stressful then teaching a teacher that is fluent so next week we will technically have 4 investigators!
Conference was great! It was the first time I think I have watched all 5 sessions and the first time I had wished it wouldn't end. It was in English thankfully, the presidency realized we wouldn't really get anything out of it if it was in Spanish.
The food...I haven't got sick, I think me and Elder Markham are the only one's in our district that haven't gotten sick from the food. So hopefully that means my body will hold up in Ecuador... probably not though.
But ya that's pretty much whats happened this week. Love you all and I hope to hear from you guys

Austin and one of his teachers (el maestro)

All the kids from Lone Peak High School

"It looks like I am on vacation."

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