Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"I'm Pretty Much Done"

(He accidentally sent a blank message....)

I didn't mean to send that last email, I'm sending a real one.

Anyways, sorry I didn't mean to send that, I hit the tab button and it sent so ya. But our zone got a new district that is half the size of our zone. When our district got here there were  around 800 missionary's now there is only 400. I think that my wave of missionary´s is the last big group so the CCM will be tiny after we´re gone.
This week we played a ton of handball (ultimate Frisbee with a ball) with another district, it was pretty sick because the field was basically a giant puddle so we were all soaked. that district left yesterday so I don´t really know what we are gonna do for gym now, there aren't very many kids that have our gym time now.
Today we got to go to the temple and see the outside world, it was pretty cool because everyone was setting up for the Day of the Dead. The temple was super cool, we didn't get to go inside because something is wrong with the foundation and it will take a year to fix. The old Mexico MTC is on the temple grounds and it is tiny like two small apartments and a class room/lunchroom/Deseret book looking thing.
The Spanish is still coming along, I have finished the language program on the computer so I know more or less the grammar of Spanish the problem is I'm just not comfortable with it yet.
This last week we started talking a lot to some Latinos in our district leaders casa and they were way funny, most were from Mexico, but there were a few from some random places!
Also Elder Neal L. Anderson from the quorum of the 12 comes on Saturday so I'm super excited for that, it will be a good pump up speech to send me out into the field. 
We got our flight plans this week, I fly out on Tuesday morning at 2:15 am. We have a 2 hour layover in Columbia, then an hour and half flight to Quito!!!
love you all and I'll email you next week from Ecuador!!  

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