Friday, October 31, 2014

First Week in Quito

This week has been awesome! We got in and took some pictures with our group and the mission president and his wife. The assistants to the president were the first people from the mission we saw, and it was pretty crazy because one of the AP's was Mitch Lindeman, (a kid who went to my high school he, has been out a year). So it was pretty comforting to see a familiar face. We then had a little orientation thing and learned how to clean and cook, it was at one of the churches by our apartment. The city of Quitio looked like any city from America it is really developed.
The apartment we stayed at was in the other Quito mission, the Quito mission's kind of overlap in the city. The next day we activated our visas, and had a bunch of meetings, we also went and had dinner as the mission home and it was probably the nicest apartment I have ever seen. Then the day after that we got our companions and our areas, Elder Markham got sent to the jungle I believe and elder Olsen got sent to the country. I got sent to the "suburbs", basically its awesome, the people are so accepting of the gospel. I didn't get to teach a investigator my first day but we taught some less actives.
Our apartment is way nice, it has a shower with hot water and two extra rooms to put all of our crap. It's kind of funny, all of the building looks so bad and worn down from the outside, then you go inside and its super nice. There are also a ton of dogs! There is a way nice lab by the bus stop that reminds me of Boomer. :( But since I've been here, I was able to help set a date for one of our new investigators.
The people here are awesome. They are all way nice. We have a different mamita from the ward that makes us lunch. I haven't had anything crazy yet. Today we went to a restaurant and I got some authentic Ecuadorian food. It was this really good fish soup with plantain chips, I also had Inca cola which was amazing. So far we have commuted one couple to baptism. Its also really fun to teach people and watch them start to figure out the truth I can't  understand... but the things I do understand make me realize why missions are worth it.
SundayI was talking to one of the other greenies and I found out he got bit where you don't want to get bit the day before, so that made me and my comp laugh pretty hard, he didnt get hurt by the way. haha but Sunday was pretty cool, the congregation was almost as big as a Utah ward, 230 in our ward, it felt like home except there were a bunch of moms breast feeding in sacrament (apparently thats normal here). Also every thing was in spanish. All the members that could speak a tiny bit of english jumped at the opportunity to try it out on me so I got to speak a lot of spanglish this Sunday. The ward members here are so nice, way fun to talk to and I play with their kids. Also I don't know what it is, but the bus drivers must think they're in the indie 500 and picking up passengers is a pit stop.I have never seen someone drive so crazy and fast in such a big vehicle it is nuts. But we have definetly done a lot of walking and my feet are pretty blistered up so I am basically living off of ibuprofen to ibuprofen haha. But it's all good, I actualy like walking around our sector, is so fun to explore when we go from appointment to appointment. But ya I'm doing great and loving the work!!

mission home

Elder Lindeman

his apartment

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