Friday, October 31, 2014

Letter from the Mission President and his Wife

October 27, 2014

Dear Keyes Family,

We are pleased to inform you of the safe arrival of Elder Keyes in the Ecuador Quito North Mission.  We spent three days last week training with him and learned some fun things about him.  He shared with us that he and his sister are both adopted, which we found very interesting, considering that two of our three children are also adopted.  He seems to be adjusting and learning the language well and we are confident that he will be a great addition to our mission. 

We assure you that we will do everything possible to help Elder Keyes grow in his personal conversion, and to thus have a positive experience here in the newly formed Ecuador Quito North Mission.  This is a wonderful mission that experiences a high number of baptisms, and success in reactivation. Our boundaries include coast, jungle, a native Indian area, as well as the highly populated city of Quito so our missionaries have a wide range of experiences.  President Spencer W. Kimball said that the most pure Lamanite people live in Otavalo, which is a part of our mission.  This is easy to believe because of their faithfulness and strength – earning their city the title of “Utah”valo.

The theme of our mission is translated “The Center of the World; Centered on Christ,” and we have a wonderful group of 19 missionaries who arrived with him.  He will be serving in an area outside of Quito with Elder Bustillo, a wonderful Elder from Honduras.
The Lord is hastening the Work of Salvation and this is an amazing time to be a missionary.  Elder Keyes is needed here and we are so grateful he has chosen to serve a mission.  We will care for him as if he were our own. 
We know you’re already planning on it, but we want to remind you to write your son a weekly letter.  His preparation day will be on Mondays.

With love,

President and Sister Richardson
MisiĆ³n Ecuador Quito Norte 

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