Thursday, October 23, 2014

Last Day in the CCM

This week has just been pretty boring, it has been pretty hard to focus and we have had a lot of really long meetings. Elder Anderson came Saturday and that was really cool! Every missionary got to shake his hand. He spoke on the atonement and the more he spoke the more everyone in the audience realized how deep of a doctrinal topic the atonement really is. We learned A LOT that day, he spoke for about an hour and half. Sunday our district had to sing in our zone sacrament meeting, we sang Come Thou Fount in Spanish. We made our branch president cry so I think we did alright haha. Then my companion had to say the closing prayer at the main class (with the whole CCM), he was pretty nervous about that, he also had to speak in sacrament meeting. Then we had our little farewell thing and then a testimony meeting that night. we also gave blessings to all the sisters because 2 of them were leaving that night. Today we taught our last lessons with our teachers, which was actually kinda  sad, our teachers bore their testimony's to us, they showed us pictures of the investigators from their missions they were pretending to be when we taught them. Luckily one of my teachers (brother Juarez) is going to BYU in the spring to learn English so he´ll just be starting his regular college classes when I get home! he wants me to show him all of the good places to eat when I get home haha. But ya I'm all packed and ready, we are all just pretty much waiting to leave now. My next email will be from the field love you all!!!  
Austin made this tie for his teacher

His day time teacher

One of his first teachers

His night time teacher

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